Day 1

Athens to Poros

Poros is a serene island with a special charm. The pine trees reach its steep shores and sandy beaches whilst its main town is architecturally very attractive. Places worth visiting are Kanali beach and Askeli beach, which both offer an array of taverns, bars and restaurants on the beachfront.


Day 2

Poros to Spetses

The island of Spetses with its grand ambience is the most cosmopolitan of the Saronic islands. It is architecturally beautiful, ideal for long strolls or a lovely ride on a horse drawn carriage that is the trademark of the island. The pine trees cover every inch of the island reaching the crystal clear sea and offering ideal shade parts of the beaches. Spetses offers great dining as well as vibrant nightlife.


Day 3

Spetses to Dokos

Dokos is a very small island between Hydra and Spetses. The island only counts 50 inhabitants who occupy themselves mostly with agriculture and fishing. Dokos is not well known to traditional tourists but a favourite amongst nature lovers, hikers and free campers.


Day 4

Dokos to Hydra

Picturesque, unusual and impressive! The amphitheatrically built old town enchants its visitors with its paved narrow streets, the 18th century mansions and cosmopolitan vibe. With no car in sight, transportation on land is only to be performed by foot or by donkeys. Beautiful translucent waters surround the island with numerous beaches that are worth a visit.


Day 5

Hydra to Epidaurus

Epidaurus is surrounded by sandy beaches with deep blue waters. Visitors can enjoy great tavernas on the beachfront. One must not miss a visit to the Ancient Theatre where Greek tragedy was staged, if not catch a musical or theatrical performance.



Day 6

Epidauros to Aegina

The island closest to Athens and notorious for its pistachios! Home to the temple of Aphaia Athena. Aegina offers a variety of wonderful beaches and great tavernas, true to Greek local cuisine.


Day 7

Aegina to Athens